Buddusò and Alà dei Sardi wind farm

The Buddusò and Alà dei Sardi wind farm is located in Sardinia in a well known windy area, in the municipalities of Buddusò and Alà dei Sardi in the Olbia/Tempio Pausania. The wind farm will extend across a plateau that is aligned approximately southwest-northeast. The elevation of the site ranges between 700 m and 1000 m.

Following detailed monitoring of the wind resource, electrical connection studies, environmental studies and the impact on local communities, Buddusò and Alà dei Sardi was recognized as one of the best locations in Italy for a wind farm. After carrying out extensive environmental assessment work, The Regione Sardegna (Assessorato alla Difesa dell’Ambiente) issued a positive VIA (Environmental Impact Valuation) in March 2007.

A supply and erection contract was signed with Enercon GmbH for the supply and erection of 69 E70 wind turbines with nominal rated capacity of 2 MW each. This is one of the major contract of ever signed within the wind power sector.
A balance of Plant contract was signed with a Consortium of companies, a lot of them coming from Sardinia.

The wind farm has 69 turbines. The wind farm is fully operating and generates about 330 GWh per year of green electricity, displacing up to 180,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually which would otherwise have been produced by a power station burning fossil fuel.

In October 2010 the  230 million euro project financing contract has been executed with a pool of international lending institutions.

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