Cabezo San Roque

The wind farm is located around 30 km south west of Zaragoza, in the municipality of Muel in the Aragon region of Spain. The wind farm is sited on an open plateau, 600 metres above sea level and the region is well known for being suitable for wind power with many other operational wind farms in the surrounding area. Construction of the wind farm began in 2003 and commercial operations began in February 2004.

The 23.25 MW wind farm comprises 31 NEG Micon NM750-48 turbines each rated at 750 kW with a hub height of 55 m. It provides sufficient clean green energy to supply more than 16,000 homes and avoids the emission of around 15,000 tonnes of greenhouses gases each year which would otherwise have been produced by a thermal power station burning fossil fuel. It is connected to the Red Electrica de Espana network at Los Vientos 220 kV substation.

The wind farm is owned and operated by Eolica de Cabezo San Roque which is wholy owned by by Falck Renewables. NEG Micon S.A.U, now Vestas, supplied the turbines and constructed the wind farm under a turnkey contract. Vestas operates the wind farm under a long term operation and maintenance agreement.

Operating projects utilizing the same wind turbines models with a combined installed capacity of around 237 MW are located in the immediate vicinity to Cabezo San Roque wind farm. All of these 313 turbines are situated on the La Plana and La Muela plateau and represent the largest wind energy park in Aragon.

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