Esquennoy wind farm is located 90 kilometers North of Paris in the Oise (60) department of France. It straddles both the communes of Breteuil and Esquennoy. The wind farm has been installed in open farmland, at about 115 m above sea level, and can be seen from the A16 motorway.

The project was developed by Nordex France SA. The application for the building permit was submitted on 9 December 2005 and approved on 9 October 2006 by the Prefect of Oise Department.

The wind farm was an extension of “Breteuil-Paillart” existing wind park. Each study was made by qualified experts and respecting local constraints. The construction was made taking particular care of the local environment.

The 12 MW wind farm consists of 5 Nordex N90 LS wind turbines each rated at 2.40 MW with a hub height of 100 m. The project provides sufficient clean green energy to supply more than 5,000 households and avoids the emission of around 6,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year which would otherwise have been produced by a thermal power station. burning fossil fuel, and 56 kg of nuclear waste which would otherwise have been produced by a nuclear plant.

It is connected to the electricity distribution network operated by Electricité Réseau Distribution France at Breteuil.

The wind farm is owned and operated by Esquennois Energie SAS which is owned 100% by Falck Renewables Wind. Nordex France SA supplied the turbines and constructed the wind farm under a turnkey contract. The wind farm is being maintained by Nordex under a long term operation and maintenance agreement.

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