San Sostene

The San Sostene wind farm is located in the Commune of San Sostene in Calabria, Catanzaro province. The project will extend across a mountainous region owned by the municipality. Part of the land is covered by conifer and hard wood forests. The elevation of the site range from 900 m to 1,200 m. The total installed capacity will be 79,5 MW.

San Sostene is a very attractive location for a wind farm, due to its particularly windy location. After carrying out extensive environmental assessment work, the Regione Calabria has issued the 'Autorizzazione Unica', followed by the 'building permit' by the Municipality of San Sostene.

Construction works begun at the beginning of 2008, and were completed in 2010. Electrical works and interconnection to national grid have been performed by Siemens.

The works on site have been particularly complex, due to site topography and the presence of a forested environment. The construction of access road has been a challenging task, but top priority has been given to the minimization of environmental impact on the area. In March 2010, the ‘project financing’ contract has been executed with a pool of international lending institutions. 

The project is owned by Eolica Sud, a company fully controlled by Falck Renewables Plc.

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