Sugherotorto – Vittoria

The implementation of Sugherotorto photovoltaic plant allows:

  • clean Energy production with zero polluting emissions;
  • fossil fuels saving;
  • zero noise pollution;
  • the application of a system design perfectly compatible to environmental protection.

All installed components, at the end of their life cycle, are fully recyclable.

The so called “grid connected” plant is connected to the public distribution network where the produced energy is placed; it is not therefore necessary to install electricity accumulators.

The photovoltaic modules consist of 14280 polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells with high return and stable performance over time; all cells are encapsulated between a EVA layer (which is a stable UV polymer non-hygroscopic) and toughened glass.

The modules face south at a tilt angle of 20° in order to maximise the annual yield, trying to respect the mutual shading limit and the available area.

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