The wind farm is located near the English Channel (Manche) and 10 km to the East of Morlaix, very close to the national road between Brest and Rennes. The Mont d’Arrée massif which is the highest point of Brittany (385 m high) is located South of the site. The land use in the surrounding areas is mixed between farming and local/regional light industry. The land on the site belongs to private land owners and the major activities are farming including crops and grazing. There are also small protected natural areas located on the eastern side of the site in the Douron Valley. The production is delivered to the French grid network distribution managed by ERDF approximately 5 km away by underground cable following the existing roads in order to minimize the impact on undeveloped areas.

The application for the building permit was submitted in March 2007 to the local Prefect and approved on January 2008. Prior to submitting the application, extensive studies were conducted in order to configure the wind farm in an optimum way to minimize the impact of the project on the local environment. These studies include bird and bat, landscape and noise studies with local and well respected experts. Particular attention has been focused on avoiding protected nature areas and for developing a project in conformity with all the regulations surrounding such protected areas. The 10 MW wind farm consists in 5 Enercon E82 wind energy converters, each with capacity over 2 MW and is in operation since July 2012.

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