West Browncastle

West Browncastle is a 12 turbine wind farm located 9 km to the West of Strathaven in South Lanarkshire. It lies immediately south-east of the existing Scottish Power Whitelee development.

The project was developed together with Coriolis Energy. The wind farm consists of 12 Nordex N100 turbines each rated 2.5 MW, with tip height of 129.9m.

Construction works commenced in August 2012, with the upgrading of 5km of road and four bridges from the A71 to the wind farm site. Works at the main wind farm site started early 2013.

Nordex AG have been appointed as the Turnkey Contractor for the supply and construction of the wind farm. I&H Brown of Perth have been appointed by Nordex as the civil engineering contractor for the construction of the access tracks, bridges, sub -station, crane pads and foundations.

West Browncastle is located within the Potential Areas of Search for wind farm development according to the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Joint Structure Plan Technical Report 8/06 and also within a Potential Wind Farm Area in the South Lanarkshire Local Plan. Policy ENV14 confirms that projects located in such potential areas will be supported by the council provided they comply with detailed policies in ENV37. Planning permission was granted on November 2011.

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