Falck Renewables SpA believes that waste-to-energy is the right answer to the problem of disposing waste downstream of separate waste collection, in complete harmony with the objective of safeguarding the environment.

Thanks to the best technologies on the market, waste-to-energy plants make it possible to utilise that fraction of waste that would otherwise be disposed of, producing electricity and heat energy as a consequence.

The Falck Renewables SpA waste-to-energy plants operate in accordance with an Environmental Policy founded on the following principles:

  • the planning choice of electricity production plants through the waste-to-energy treatment of high performance waste;
  • the punctuality of waste disposal, the efficiency of the service, respect for contractual conditions;
  • the management of the plants with maximum safety conditions for workers and the population in the vicinity;
  • the ongoing monitoring of emissions and the adoption of stringent maintenance criteria.

A tonne of waste used in this way provides the equivalent energy of around two barrels of oil.

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