Born more than 100 years ago, Falck Group is a reference point in the history of Italian entrepreneurship. Between 1906 and 1935 the Group develops a series of plants for the production of steel, immediately showing a broad vision and a focus on the production of energy on their own.

The Group is one of the first companies in Italy that builds plants for the production of electric energy, which is necessary for the steel industry. It is the first sign of a vocation that will emerge many years later.

The development which took place in the postwar years represents the starting point of a new season of growth, culminating in the quotation in the Stock Exchange Market, together with the acquisition of the role of first Italian steelmaker. The steel crisis that occurred between the 70s and 90s does not find the company unprepared: again, it deals with the changes in the market with an innovative approach, completely in line with the transformation.

The core activity gradually moves to the energy generated from renewable sources and in 2002 Actelios was founded. This was the first step that led to the establishment in 2010 of Falck Renewables, born from the Falck Group’s decision to consolidate all of its renewable energy activities in a single company.

Falck Renewables produces energy from wind, solar, biomass and waste-to-energy, and is now among the main pure players in the field of energy at European level.

The activity evolves gradually and now includes highly specialized services in the field of renewable energy production. All of this is the basis to write new chapters of a story that has just begun.

In 2014 Falck Renewables strengthens the Service Sector by the acquisition of 100% of Vector Cuatro Group.

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Vector Cuatro Group

Vector Cuatro Group
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