Shareholders' meetings

Date Title PDF
17/03/2017 Directors’ Report on the appointment of the new Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors pdf, Link
17/03/2017 Directors Report about point 3 of the Shareholders' Meeting Agenda pdf, Link
17/03/2017 Directors’ Report pursuant to article “84 bis Regolamento Emittenti” pdf, Link
17/03/2017 Press Release - Call notice pdf, Link
17/03/2017 Proxy form and voting instructions to Spafid SpA pdf, Link
17/03/2017 Proxy form for an intervention during the Shareholders' Meeting pdf, Link
17/03/2017 Call notice of the Shareholders' Meeting - 27 April 2017 pdf, Link

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Vector Cuatro Group

Vector Cuatro Group
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