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Who we are
We are a global player in the field of renewable energies. We develop, design, build and manage plants that generate clean energy. We also provide highly specialized energy management and downstream services to both energy producers and consumers and use our know-how to manage third-party assets from a technical and administrative perspective.
We have identified the concept of “enabler” as our key characteristic. An enabler is someone who shares their experiences, spreads knowledge and increases the skills of others, giving them the opportunity to achieve their goals. This is what we do every day, giving our stakeholders and our activities the power to grow sustainably.
Business Unit
Our ability to meet business demands closely follows our commitment to a decarbonized future and an awareness of the constantly evolving context in which we operate. With a dynamic, proactive market approach – a distinctive feature of our core essence – we aim to optimize the allocation of capital between company-owned assets, energy services for end consumers, and the development of new projects to generate energy from clean sources.
Go to Business
We are a global player in the field of renewable energies.  We develop, design, build and manage plants that generate clean energy. We also provide highly specialized energy management and downstream services to both energy producers and consumers and use our know-how to manage third-party assets from a technical and administrative perspective.
We carry out market analysis, screening and evaluation of new opportunities for greenfield projects, acquisitions, and co-development activities. We optimise new plants by value engineering, originating new power purchase agreements and procuring state of the art technologies. We manage construction activities prioritising safety and quality whilst delivering on time and on budget.
Thanks to 3 different operating areas (Energy Solutions, Market Access, Smart Solutions) we work alongside producers and consumers (Public Administration, Industry and Tertiary, local communities) for sustainable energy development, implementing efficient, transparent and smart management systems.
We manage renewable assets and support investors with our expertise. We cover the entire project life cycle through its four main service divisions: asset management and technical, financial and legal advice. We factor in activities to support the operational management of all sites that are in operation, from ensuring compliance with authorization requirements, tax obligations and administrative formalities to supervising the operation and maintenance of installed machinery and monitoring plant performance.
We enable the creation of innovative services for customers thanks to digital skills and tools and support the growth of the Group through the digital evolution of business systems and processes. We operate directly on the market through NUO, our digital asset management solution for asset owners and asset managers, who want to optimize the management and performance of their assets thanks to digital technology.
To us, sustainability means the lasting creation of shared value for our shareholders and stakeholders, while fully respecting the quality of the regions in which we operate. The positive impact generated is reflected in our Business Plan, which gives rise to effective lines of development between economy, society and the environment. The ultimate expression of our business materializes in the sustainable combination of these four types of capital. Through our actions, we contribute specifically to achieving nine of the Sustainable Development Goals set in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
A solid, lasting generation of value that will make it possible to redistribute the resources used
Creating paths shared with local communities that will ensure that part of the value remains where it is generated
Adopting the most advanced practices to minimize or offset the environmental impact we produce through our activities
Consideration for people, cohesion based on identity and values
We aim to minimize the impact of the entire life cycle of our assets, adopting advanced sustainable management practices in plant construction, as well as in plant operation. We work to extend the useful life of plants and we take part in the international debate on the circularity of the renewables industry and best practices for decommissioning. Where possible, we like to involve our partners and suppliers on these paths.
569,800 tCO2eq
(in 2020)
Every year, by producing renewable energy, we contribute to preventing the release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, which we measure in tons of CO2 equivalent.
We have drawn up guidelines on green procurement that define actions, objectives and time frames for evaluating products and services based on the environmental and social impact they generate (such as carbon footprint, consumption of natural resources, development of eco-friendly solutions, promotion of local workforce, or short supply chain).
Our commitment to spreading knowledge in the field of clean energy and sustainability is carried out in various spheres and by participating in international networks.
We are pleased to be part of prestigious associations:
We collaborate with the academic and research world, through partnerships that enable us to promote our innovations and practices and to offer our approach as a reference for sustainable business.
In the areas around our plants, we are committed to encouraging the development of technical expertise in the renewable energy sector through partnerships with schools and training institutes, and by granting scholarships.
To publicize our good community engagement practices and to foster the debate on wider energy sustainability issues, we actively participate in events and seminars, in addition to being members of international networks in our industry.
The Sustainability at the Core – Our shared value report aims to explain how our vision of sustainability inspires business models and activities. In this document, which summarizes our non-financial performance according to the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, we explain how we produce and sell clean energy, how we provide innovative services, our relationships with local communities, how we protect the environment, the growth of people, our governance and our guiding values.
The methodological reference for drafting Sustainability at the Core – Our shared value is the consolidated set of GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards 2016 (GRI Standards), applied with a “GRI-referenced” level of adherence.

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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment
The Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) division ensures compliance with environmental and safety standards and is committed to promoting an internal culture to safeguard the health and well-being of staff and respect the environment in which we operate.