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Progressing in business is part of our DNA
While remaining focused on Renewable Energy generation, our business has gradually evolved over time, expanding its scope to include Development, Energy Services, Asset Management and Technical and Financial Consulting.
Our Energy generation assets
We are an international pure play company working in the field of renewables. We handle the development, planning, construction and management of electricity generation plants.

We have 1096 MW of wind power installed in Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom, where we rank among the major private operators in the field of renewable energy.

We operate successfully in a competitive and fast-growing market thanks to close collaboration with local developers in the initial stages of the project, through solid relationships with landowners and making use, wherever possible, of local suppliers.

We have PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) in place with important international players for selling the energy produced by some of our plants in the UK, Norway and Spain.

Our specific expertise in the financing, construction and operational management of wind plants makes it possible to undertake projects with high potential that protect the needs of the local communities at every stage, while fully respecting the environment.


Our activity in the photovoltaics sector – with 278 MW installed in Italy, the United States and Spain– involves the management of plants that are currently in operation and the development of new projects with direct intervention or through joint ventures with leading companies at international level.


In 2019, with the installation of the battery storage system (6.6 MWh) connected to our photovoltaic plant in Middleton, Massachusetts (USA), we entered the energy storage system sector, one of the smartest and most revolutionary markets at the service of the proper management, balancing and security of the grid for an increasingly decarbonized electricity system.   


We work in the biomass and waste-to-energy sector with 46 MW installed in Italy.

Of this installed power, there is 15 MW belong to the Rende biomass plant (Cosenza), 20 MW to the waste-to-energy plant in Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan), and 11 MW to the waste-to-energy plant in Granarolo dell’Emilia (Bologna).

Green Hydrogen

We bring together renewable energy and green hydrogen to replace natural gas and reduce carbon emissions.

Our first project Life Cabezo Green H2 will take place in Spain and it aims to replace the natural gas used as a fuel to treat meat by-products with hydrogen (H2) technology to lower CO2 emissions.

An H2 production plant based on a water electrolysis technology will be installed in Muel (Zaragoza), one of Spain’s most significant industrial areas.

The production plant will be powered directly from the nearby 23.25 MW Cabezo San Roque Wind Farm and is expected to produce more than 100 tonnes of green H2 per year to decarbonise local industry.

Project No. LIFE20 CCM/ES/001694
Project acronym CABEZO GREEN H2
Granting authority European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency
Period July 1, 2021 – December 31, 2024
Consortium agreement Yes
Participants Enagás Renovable, SL-Renantis, H2GREEM Global Solutions S.L, LOONIT SRL, Residuos Aragón S.L
Total eligible project budget € 4,561,956
Total funding requested € 2,509,072

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Our Plants' Map
We operate in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden and the United States. Click on the map of our facilities and offices.
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Our offshore projects
Thanks to offshore wind energy, we are contributing to speed up the decarbonisation process and take full advantage of the wind resource. To do this, we have chosen experienced partners and selected the most suitable technology to meet the challenges of the future. We have started with the development of marine floating wind energy where we can make a difference.
With full respect for the environment and the landscape we have five areas of of interest in Italy, with an installed capacity of around 5 GW.
In the UK we have identified Scotland and the Celtic Sea as the most suitable locations for our offshore projects.


With Renantis Power Generation, we have chosen to make developing new projects both the foundation for our growth and a differential factor for the success of our initiatives. Everything we do revolves around partnerships - with landowners, local communities who live where our new plants will be, local developers, companies in the local area and public officials. We guarantee our respect, consideration and commitment to everyone we work with. By building on these foundations, we develop initiatives that are sustainable from both an environmental and economic point of view.
Our Green field development activities start with the identification of a site that can accommodate a wind or photovoltaic plant, looking at characteristics such as accessibility, distance from the grid, presence of the resource and topography of the land. 
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The presence of our plants represents an opportunity for sustainable development for the areas in which we operate. We want to ensure that local communities draw additional benefits other than those strictly linked to the production of clean energy. Our aim is to promote initiatives by engaging with local stakeholders (communities, companies, associations and other local players) in order to maintain the value – both economic value and other types of value – it creates and to keep this in the areas in which it is generated.
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A PPA is a long-term contract that governs the sale of energy between a renewable energy producer and a buyer (off-taker). Besides encouraging the development of new plants, PPAs enable off-takers to adequately manage market risk through long-term price stabilization and to achieve their environmental sustainability objectives.
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Through the activities of Renantis Solutions, we work alongside producers and consumers (public authorities, industry, the service sector and local communities), providing a comprehensive, flexible and innovative service along the entire energy supply chain.

We offer services related to optimal energy management for a more efficient use of available infrastructure and resources: long-term supply agreements (Power Purchase Agreements), offtaking, portfolio management services, development of advanced demand management solutions, energy communities, energy storage and grid services for energy production plants, 

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We take care of financing interventions aimed at increasing distributed generation and energy saving: photovoltaics, cogeneration, storage systems, diagnosis and consultancy, efficiency in the ESCo (Energy Service Company) formula. We design, implement and manage projects to increase local sustainable production, flexibility and reduce energy consumption, assuming responsibility for the result.

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With Energy Team, a Group company, we offer hardware and software systems and innovative services for measuring, monitoring, managing and optimizing plant performance. We develop algorithms to analyze big data and the predictive analysis of consumption, improving production processes and enabling participation in flexibility markets.

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With Vector Renewables we offer asset management and technical and financial advisory services to utilities, developers, energy companies, investment funds and credit institutions. 
Our renewable asset management services cover the entire project life cycle: from project development to the construction stage, from commissioning to the evaluation and possible extension of the useful life of the plant.

Asset management ensures the continued and effective operation of renewable plants, optimizing performance and thus return, and at the same time minimizing the risk of inactivity. 

Our services cover the entire life cycle of a renewable plant : from the design development to the construction phase, from the commissioning to the evaluation, up to the possible extension of the useful life of the plant. 

Technical asset management involves supervising plant maintenance, monitoring and maximizing performance, as well as diagnostic activity aimed at assessing plant operating conditions. 

Thanks to the support of advanced digital technologies, this service ensures maximum control of the plants in order to also determine proactively the extension of their useful life. 

Our specialist consultancy covers all the technical aspects associated with the plant's development: from the feasibility study to design engineering, technical due diligence to supervising the construction, down to commissioning and performance monitoring. 

During the development stage, we provide assistance to estimate the anticipated production, support in reviewing the authorization process, engineering consultancy, support in procurement and legal assistance.  

During the construction stage up to the testing and handover of the plant, we assess the quality, conformity and adequacy of the works, and we verify the amount of associated expenses. 

During operation, we offer value-added services that supplement the monitoring and performance reporting activities with in-depth analysis to improve performance. Analyzing historical operating data helps us to define scenarios for extending the useful life. 

We offer consultancy services for the analysis, sale, acquisition and financing of renewable energy plants, providing tax and legal assistance, in order to optimize the functioning of the projects.   

We offer assistance in identifying financial sponsors and in planning, arranging and negotiating project financing with banks and private investors.  

Moreover, we support Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in arranging Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), for the sale of energy between two parties.   

Our assistance includes the evaluation of the bankability criteria of the projects, their features, identifying potential off-takers, as well as negotiating, arranging and closing agreements.  

With Nuo Green Digital Partner we offer innovative solutions for the digital management of renewable assets.   We want our clients to be able to make the best decisions, which is why we provide them with a tool for managing energy plants throughout their entire life cycle.    NUO is also the name of the virtual asset manager that we have developed for the management of renewable international portfolio, which combines technical and financial aspects according to a holistic approach. The NUO digital tool is developed around a series of modules, each with specific functionalities, which ensure a complete overview of the performance of the assets, regardless of their location.   
Project overview
Real-time monitoring & energy management
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Site management
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Project overview
Real-time monitoring & energy management
Performance & data access
Site management
Performance improvement
Financial & others
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