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Our business model
How we adapt our business model to the energy transition
We believe that one of our greatest strengths is our ability to evolve, anticipating the changes in the scenario.
Our approach is aimed at seizing the opportunities generated by the energy transition, at the intersection of renewable generation, electrification, reduction and flexibility of consumption. All these elements necessary to achieve carbon and climate neutrality. In this sense, we see ourselves as enablers of energy sustainability solutions. We put our transversal skills - improved also thanks to the daily management of our generation assets - at the service of customers.

On one hand, we focus on investors who, like us, have an interest in green assets. We offer them development opportunities, also implemented through important industrial partnerships. These opportunities are reinforced by know-how that integrates engineering, finance, construction and technical and commercial management of the assets, including the conclusion of long-term energy purchase contracts and the management of the energy produced.

On the other hand, there are energy-intensive, industrial and commercial consumers, who we assist in the supply of clean energy and energy-efficient solutions. We make them more energy flexible and help them optimize their consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. In other words, we provide them with skills and tools to achieve their decarbonisation and cost containment goals.

Each of our businesses is carried out according to a common philosophy, meaning providing both external customers and Group companies with same services, professionalism and quality. This occurs both in the development of new plants - activities aimed at powering our future investments, but also those of our partners - and in asset management and technical and engineering advisory services for the management of large plants. Since 2019, energy management - which is central and strategic in our business model - is also addressed to external clients, providing a market access service, i.e. the management of the energy supply chain, from the point where it is generated to where it is consumed. Finally, services for industrial and commercial customers are entirely dedicated to external clients.

We are able to innovate. First of all, in digitization, thanks to our digital factory, which guides our 4.0 evolution. Plus, the use of digital technologies for operational excellence in renewable generation, as well as new hardware, software and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for smart energy management and energy efficiency. Finally, in energy technologies, we innovate through the increasing use of electrochemical storage integrated into our generation facilities - as well as those of our customers – but, above all, thanks to our energy management and energy management solutions for our clients.