Covid-19 Emergency - Falck
Covid-19 Emergency
We are going through a particularly difficult time. The challenge is evident for all to see. It is new, complex and on a global scale.
At Falck Renewables we are used to facing challenges at an international level, in an ever growing and transforming sector. Even in this particularly complex situation we want to provide greater visibility and answers, both for us and for our many stakeholders, following the principles of innovation, competence and care that distinguish us. In the spirit of being enablers, those who are committed to enabling a better now and a sustainable future.

All our renewable production plants are open - in 8 countries, on 2 continents - and continue to supply electricity regularly for the benefit of our customers. Thanks to diagnostic and predictive analysis, we have identified a good number of maintenance operations that can be deferred without affecting generation performance. Service activities for our customers continue remotely and we keep delivering our smart energy technology solutions on a regular basis.

The Group already has the financial resources in the short and medium term to continue the growth path outlined in the Business Plan presented on 12 March 2020.

For the people who work in our company, the Covid-19 emergency is managed by a Crisis Committee that aims to ensure safety and business continuity. To date, more than 90% of our staff work from home, extending the smart working methods we have been successfully practicing for 2 years. We have looked at our employee insurance packages in all the countries, and introduced, where needed and possible, additional Covid-19 insurance for the employees and their family members (Italy, UK). We are working on a similar package for colleagues working in other countries.

We also offer specific support to the territories in which we operate and where we are present. In Milan, in particular, where we support two medical research studies linked to Sacco Hospital and aimed at identifying new treatments against infection and at the San Matteo Hospital in Pavia where our colleagues raised funds with an online collection.
But, above all, we have launched an international support program for local communities living around our wind and solar plants in Italy, the UK, France, Spain and the USA, making funds available to help them cope with the health and social difficulties caused by the pandemic. The long-established links with the communities and organisations in those areas have enabled us to support targeted needs: from the purchase of health protection equipment to supporting social services for the most exposed population groups.

Born from a long industrial tradition, we have made our way in the renewable energy sector by always being careful to support the communities that host us. Change and innovation are in our DNA, the creation of shared value is our deepest goal.
I would like to thank my colleagues for their efforts, commitment and passion. We are - and will always be - at the side of our stakeholders.
#InItTogether #sustainabilityatthecore

Toni Volpe
CEO Falck Renewables