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Falck Renewables acquire 60% of SAET Padua
Falck Renewables signs a 10-year Corporate PPA for a solar project under development in Apulia (Italy)
Falck Renewables and Ferrero sign a 10-year Corporate PPA for two photovoltaic projects
Publication of the minutes of the ordinary Shareholders' meeting of April 29, 2021
Interim report at 31 March 2021 published
We have been working with a number of organisations on eSG Lab, an initiative which aims to support the sustainable development of companies of all sizes through the full integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in decision-making and governance processes. Created to implement the commitment expressed by 77 business leaders who have joined the "CEOs Call to Action", the Europe-wide scheme has been led by Fondazione Sodalitas in Italy to mobilize companies, their stakeholders, civil society and institutions towards sustainable and inclusive growth. eSG Lab aims to dev...
On Friday 18 June 2021, we took part in the convention "Cohesion is Competition - New Geographies of Value Production in Italy", promoted by the Symbola foundation. Through the words of the president Enrico Falck, we deepened the theme of our approach in the territories that host our plants. The importance of local communities for the territory and how Falck Renewables transforms the Relational Capital in concrete actions was discussed: from local development to responsible supply chain. The conference was held at 10.00 a.m. in live streaming and can be listened to on the site: https://www.yo...
In June and July, more than 70 colleagues participate in the Digital challenge against hunger, an event that combines sport and gamification as a driver of solidarity and engagement. The challenge was promoted by the international humanitarian organisation Azione Contro la Fame, and takes place through an App that allows participants to compete in running, walking, cycling and yoga, as well as taking a number of quizzes to help them better understand the consequences of climate change. Practising sport regularly, as well as generating mental and physical wellbeing, creates a sense of belongi...
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