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Developing people
We firmly believe that people are not just cogs in the corporate wheel – they are the wheel itself. For this reason, it is fundamental for the organization to evolve together with its people to be able to successfully achieve its goals. That's why the company promotes and makes the most of continuous learning and numerous initiatives to support individual and collective well-being. Specifically:
Putting employees at the center of the business strategy
Defining a linear organizational structure that allows all members to express themselves and contribute actively to business decisions
Promoting continuing education, encouraging the sharing of internal expertiset
Promoting a welfare policy that pays particular attention to well-being and work-life balance
Investing in growing talent, encouraging diversity and inclusion
Promoting our corporate practices
We support our people so they can increase their professional skills across a wide range of areas:
Managerial training
Technical training
Language training
Multidisciplinary training
Valore D: diversity becomes value and inclusion.
To promote inclusion and diversity within the company, we endorse Valore D, an association of companies that promotes gender diversity, supporting employee participation in training courses on inclusive organizations, corporate welfare and social innovation.
Contributing to grow together
Every year, we promote volunteer days at company level. This project aims to make a specific contribution to the community, to add value to our presence in the local area, and to enable employees to spend time together, helping those close by.

Volunteer days are a chance to build relationships with colleagues in situations other than the usual day-to-day work setting, where we share new approaches and solutions to problems. They are also an opportunity to participate actively in the life of the community around us.