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Renantis provides first Fast Reserve service in Italy

The electrochemical storage system of Vado Ligure’s port is the first Italian plant to provide the Fast Reserve service, thanks to the cooperation between Renantis, its subsidiary company Saet, and S.V. Port Service.

Milan, 09 March 2023 – Renantis, a European player in the renewable energy sector, is the first company in Italy to provide the Fast Reserve service required by Terna. The Group designed and built a storage system in the electrical station to power the logistics platform of Vado Ligure’s port.

The Fast Reserve is an ultra-fast frequency regulation service that, in a very short time will automatically allow for the virtual creation of the inertia required for grid frequency stability. The Italian electricity grid has recently experienced a reduction in system inertia, as a result of the replacement of rotating generation with static renewable generation – and this is only expected to increase in the future.

Vado Ligure’s storage system, with 9 MW of power (8 MWh of distributed energy), originated as part of a collaboration between Renantis’ business lines. Its subsidiary company Saet, a European leader in the market of integrated solutions for storage, led the collaboration that resulted in this industry first.

This project is the first stand-alone storage system in Italy, comprising an autonomous system connected to the national transmission grid through a designated delivery point, thanks to the electrical station belonging to S.V. Port Service.

This implies that the storage modules located in the port are connected directly to the national grid, contributing to the balancing of the grid. These modules are managed by Renantis’s trading team according to the variability and fluctuation of energy prices. The services provided by the storage system can also be extended to demand side management, aimed at improving the port system’s energy efficiency.

Since January 2023, the plant has delivered electricity for ultra-fast frequency regulation as per the agreement, contributing to the frequency stability of the Italian electricity grid.

Renantis will also take care of energy dispatching, acting as Balance Responsible Party (BRP) and Balancing Service Provider (BSP), to guarantee access to energy markets and to ancillary services, as well as the optimisation of revenues. 

The Fast Reserve service, as well as the energy market access, is managed by Renantis through an innovative Energy Management System software - developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano and LEAP (Laboratorio Energia e Ambiente) which regulates energy transactions in real time.

We are very proud to be the first energy player in Italy to offer the ultra-fast frequency regulation service”, highlights Marco Cittadini – Renantis’s Head of Downstream Services. “This project represents a milestone in our history for two reasons. The first is the contribution to the acceleration of port electrification. The second is our continuous commitment to being innovative and quick to respond to market demands, and the Fast Reserve project is a great example of this”.


Launching Vado Ligure’s storage in every single aspect, including the ultrafast frequency regulation, is a huge source of satisfaction to us all, since it is one of the best examples of collaboration between Renantis’s business lines”, states Barbara Rossi, Saet’s Energy Storage Manager. “As leaders in this field, we put our expertise in energy storage at the project’s disposal. Considering the extreme versatility of this technology, it offers many opportunities in terms of energy management, such as the Fast Reserve”.


Renantis exists to build a better future for all by powering people’s everyday lives with care. The Group develops, designs, constructs and operates onshore wind farms, solar PV plants, energy storage facilities, and floating offshore wind farms globally. Headquartered in Italy, Renantis has been delivering renewable energy since 2002 and it now counts 1.420 MW installed in its plants in UK, Italy, USA, Spain, France, Norway, and Sweden. Sustainability is part of Renantis’s DNA, with the commitment to creating shared value for all of our stakeholders, safeguarding and enhancing the environment in which the Group operates and building lasting relationships with local communities. As a pioneer in the renewable energy sector, Renantis has a strong track record of providing specialised services and expertise at all stages of the value chain. From production to consumption, the Group provides technical advisory, asset management and energy management services to clients and these activities span 40 countries.



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