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We are enablers
Enabling the energy transition
In 2020, we adopted a new brand identity to better describe our positioning in the challenges of today and tomorrow. Being an enabler is the concept that most defines us, understood as being able to generate - and transmit - the power to achieve the goals that we have set. In our case, it is about the power, to innovate and grow sustainably, by sharing our expertise, spreading our knowledge, and putting our best foot forward. Enabling all of our stakeholders to do so as well.
We are constantly evolving thanks to constant technological research and our ability to predict changes and anticipate the needs of our stakeholders. We succeed in implementing shared growth thanks to the intrinsic characteristics that set us apart:
  • Lead the Energy Transition
  • Create Shared Value
  • Grow together with our stakeholders
  • Generate business resilience
  • Upskilling & Reskilling
  • Sustainable Asset Development
  • Enable Decarbonisation
  • Ability to evolve
We are Enablers
Innovative, Competent and Caring: this is the role we want to play in the decarbonization economy. A positioning created by the entire Company, by those who lead it and those who participate in its growth every day. Our brand identity revolves around the concept of being an enabler and its ability to convey the power to achieve goals.
sustainable, clean, respectful
potential, capability, energy
business, territories, investments, relationships

Come essere enabler garantisce una crescita sostenibile ai nostri stakeholder?