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The Board of Directors has set up three internal committees with examination, proposal and advisory duties in their respective areas of expertise: the Control and Risks Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Sustainable Strategy Committee. The Control Risks Committee and the Remuneration Committee are made up entirely of independent directors, whereas the composition of the Sustainable Strategy Committee, in consideration of its functions, is formed in majority by independent members. The members of the internal committees of the Board of Directors remain in office for the same period as the Board of Directors. The composition, duties and functioning of the Committees are governed by specific regulations approved by the Board of Directors, consistent with the criteria set forth in the Corporate Governance Code.

Control and Risks Committee

The current members are:
  • Paolo Pietrogrande – Chairman - Independent member
  • Elisabetta Caldera - Independent member
  • Silvia Stefini- Independent member

Remuneration Committee

The current members are:
  • Elisabetta Caldera – Chairman
  • Nicoletta Giadrossi - Independent member
  • Paolo Pietrogrande - Independent member

Sustainable Strategy Committee

The duty of the Sustainable Strategy Committee is to support the Board of Directors with advisory, examination and supportive functions regarding sustainability, energy markets and technological innovation for the purpose of defining the Group's strategic objectives.
The current members are:
  • Olov Mikael Kramer – Chairman
  • Toni Volpe - CEO of Falck Renewables
  • Marta Dassù – Independent
  • Nicoletta Giadrossi – Independent
  • Georgina Grenon – Independent
  • Andrew Lee Ott – Independent

Lead Independent Director

  • Paolo Pietrogrande -Independent