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Nov 17, 2020


On November 17th 2020 the Extraordinary Shareholders’ meeting  authorized the convertibility into shares of the Green Bond with a nominal value of Euro 200 million 0.00 percent due 2025. Furthermore, it was also approved the capital increase servicing exclusively the conversion of the Green Bond, with the exclusion of pre-emptive rights, for cash and in one or more issues, for a maximum amount of Euro 200 million including any possible share premium, to be paid in one or more tranches by issuing ordinary shares with regular rights and having the same features of the outstanding ordinary shares.

On October 27, 2020, the complete documentation relating to the capital increase servicing the conversion of the green bond, in compliance with the applicable regulation (directors report and auditors opinion) has been published.

Filing notice - minutes of the Shareholders’ meeting and updated Bylaws

Articles of Association

Minutes of the Extraordinary Shareholders' meeting (italian)

Summary account of the votes on the items of agenda

Call notice of the extraordinary Shareholders’ meeting 

Notice call of the extraordinary Shareholders’ meeting - 17 november 2020 (extract) 

Appointed Representative Proxy/Sub-Proxy form 

Appointed Representative Proxy Form

Personal Data Protection

Press Release - call notice

Directors Report about point 1 of the Shareholders' Meeting Agenda    

Directors Report about point 2-3-4 of the Shareholders' Meeting Agenda    

PWC Report

Press Release - deposit documentation