Date Title PDF
21/12/2016 Equita - Back to growth in core business pdf, Link
07/12/2016 Banca Akros - A clear strategy for the future pdf, Link
30/11/2016 Kepler Cheuvreux - A new vision with a 2021 roadmap pdf, Link
05/08/2016 Kepler Cheuvreux - Results above estimates despite negative scenario pdf, Link
05/08/2016 Fidentiis - Q2 slightly above, guidance remains challenging pdf, Link
05/08/2016 Equita - Top News Italy pdf, Link
05/08/2016 Akros - Italian Morning Sight pdf, Link
31/05/2016 Akros - Kingsburn wind farm in operation pdf, Link
13/05/2016 Kepler Cheuvreux - Weak results and guidance pdf, Link
13/05/2016 Akros - As expected, Falck posted decreasing results in Q1 16 pdf, Link
21/03/2016 Equita - Ahead of Expectations pdf, Link
11/03/2016 Kepler Cheuvreux - 2015 guidance beaten pdf, Link
11/03/2016 Akros - As expected, a solid set of results in 2015 pdf, Link

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